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 Ted DiBiase Admits To Taking Steroids - Details

In a recent interview with The Courier in the UK, Ted DiBiase admitted to taking steroids.

"I took steroids (during my WWF career) for a very short time. It should be obvious by looking at me that I didn't take them regularly because I was in good shape, but I was never massive. My strength was my ability to talk and my work in the ring. I always looked like an athlete but I didn't look like Charles Atlas.

"The thing about the steroids was I was always afraid of them and I finally had a doctor tell me about the effects and that warned me right off them - that was it for me with that stuff. The only other drug I took for a while was cocaine. Now this doesn't sound like the Million Dollar Man, but I stopped doing that because I was cheap - I didn't want to spend the money on it!"


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