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Dallas Raw Thoughts..Austin Steals the Show..Sunny Days..What's a Snooki?..1 More Run for Double A?..JBL..Grilling w/ JR!!

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Busy Tuesday with WWE coming to OKC this Sunday at 3 as today's been designated as my radio promotion day in OKC. With that said...ding, ding, ding.....

Raw Thoughts from Big D:

Helluva house that looked completely sold out. The inclusion of Steve Austin to the event really rocketed ticket sales the last week. ACC's a great arena to play.

Thought the cold open to the show featuring Undertaker/HHH was on the money and edited well. WWE TV folks do a marvelous job with their video features. IMO the Taker-HHH match could efficiently be promoted via video packages of the two future WWE HOF'ers greatest moments in WWE.

Taker vs. The Game is now a No Holds Barred match at WM27 which differentiates it from the last two 'Streak' matches w/ HBK...good move in my estimation.

HBK's comments in the 'sit down' environment are effective. Love Shawn Michaels' perspective of the upcoming WM27 main event.

Being a Johnny Cash fan, I enjoy hearing his music being utilized for Taker's current entrance theme as it gives the presentation a different feel specifically for this upcoming Wrestlemania.

Randy Orton vs. CM Punk should have an outstanding WM27 bout and I hope that they have the time needed to tear the house down. 

Keep an eye on Brodus Clay. I think that he can be something special and him manifesting that particular 'it' is on him and how well he maximizes his minutes on TV. He's a big, monster of a man who mentally seems to 'get it.'

Congrats to Sunny on being named to the 2011 WWE HOF class. She really started it all with the risqué, Diva personification and portrayed a very effective 'bad girl.' One might say that the forecast for Atlanta the first weekend of April are for 'Sunny days.'

The Dallas/WWE fans definitely came to see Stone Cold Steve Austin. Although Austin did not have that much to say nor did he overstay his welcome by any stretch, Austin stole the show Monday night and seemed to be having a great time interacting with the fans and even the cameramen. Austin's fans long ago made a strong emotional bond with the Texas Rattlesnake that will seemingly last forever. @steveaustinBSR, on Twitter, can still command an audience as good as any WWE performer today or any previous generation. 

It was great seeing JBL surprise us by returning to Raw for, I assume, a cameo. John Layfield looks great , is doing wonderfully well in business and enjoying life after wrestling. I don't expect JBL to rejoin the traveling troupe any time soon. 

Michael Cole had the tables turned on him with Austin becoming the special referee for Cole's WM27 match w/ Jerry Lawler. It will be interesting to see how 'Cole sore' reacts this Friday night on Smackdown and again next Monday from St. Louis on Raw. Cole draws as much villain angst as anyone on the Raw roster and his match with the King is one of the most talked about bouts that we will see in Atlanta. I think that Lawler ought to make Cole wear a diaper when, not if, the King gets his hand raised at Jerry's first ever Wrestlemania match.   

Good to see WWE promoting so many elements that will be featured in next week's St. Louis Raw. The return of Trish Stratus vs. Vickie Guerrero is intriguing as is the appearance of 'Jersey Shore's' Snooki. Snooki's appearance is already generating a fair amount of outside the box media exposure for someone who is famous for.....I forget. 

It matters not who it is, @TheRock on Twitter is tough to handle verbally whether he's on satellite, in person, Tweeting, emailing, or using one of Mike Tyson's carrier pigeons. The Great One could always talk the smack he learned or perhaps perfected at 'The U' back in his college football days. 

I am very curious as to what impact that the Rock may have on the WWE Title bout at Wrestlemania featuring the Miz defending the WWE Title against John Cena. The three combustible elements, Rock-Cena-Miz, seemingly will implode at WM27 but in what shape, form or fashion? There's too much fiery dialog between the three for something NOT to happen or so it would seem to me. 

Emailer asked if Arn Anderson had another 'run' in him in the ring as a wrestler. I seriously doubt it due to lingering injury issues but I could easily see Double A being a great manager or spokesman for a wrestler if that role was ever renewed. 'The Enforcer' is a great talker, understands the game and is still imposing enough to make a physical difference in a match if necessary.  Yes....Arn Anderson is a potential WWE HOF'er IMO.

Twitter follower @JRsBBQ asked what bout I thought would close the show at WM27. That's a good question and one for which  I have no answer but my preference would be Undertaker vs. HHH. However, it wouldn't surprise me to see the show closed with the WWE Title bout especially with the Rock seemingly knee deep in Cena and Miz' business. Both are viable options to end the most significant, WWE event of the year that looks as if it will be attended by well north of 65,000 in the Georgia Dome. 

I will be on Oklahoma City's WWLS The Sports Animal today (Tuesday) at 1 pm for an hour. They have a website you can check out and listen live if you're interested.

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